Stephen Anderson | stephen(a) | 617.640.9610
My Role

Online Convergence's main product is "Spin to Win Slots" which is a mobile casino slots and sweepstakes game on iOS and Android. My role at Online Convergence was a Senior Visual Designer which included working on the main product "Spin To Win Slots", UI/UX, promo ads, illustrations for promos, game designs, and new business pitches which included wireframes, prototyping and video presentations.

Daily Bonus Video

Video showing the animation and concept for the new feature.

Spin to Win Overview Video

Video showcasing the new features and games within the app
for investors and clients.

Free Spins Icon

"Free Spins" icon was used for ingame
promos to act as another currency.

Entries Bonus Video

Video showing a possible new feature to see how it would work and look in the game.

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