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My Role
My role at Monster was a Visual Designer which included working on the iPad/iPhone app, internal ads, website pages, icons, and illustrations. The bird illustration was for Ohio Means Jobs website. The badges and promotional video were for Monster's social job network Beknown to compete with Linkedin on Facebook. Also worked on/help design web pages for monster.com and it's other job sites around the world in 15 different languages.
Beknown Achievement Badges
These badges were for Monster's social network site where users could earn completing certain tasks
Monster iPad Icon
Icon I created for the Monster iPad app when labeling "HD" was the thing to do for iPad apps.
Monster iPad Screens
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Ohio Means Job Website Mascot Illustration
Small Web Icons for Monster.com
Internal Ads
Ads would shown when a user logs into monster.com.
Beknown Video
Promotional video for Monster's new social network Beknown.
Beknown Video Illustrations
Monster.com iPad banner Ads
Workatude Concept Landing Page
This was a new product concept that was being tested internally which revolves around emoticons and the users mood at work.
Direct.gov Website Pages
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